Nancy McNaughton of the AMEE Simulation Committee provides an update on the role simulation plays in the current COVID-19 issue.


These are extraordinary times. The shut down of in person training and assessment of health care professionals around the globe will surely have an impact. Simulation has a role to play in ensuring essential competencies across health professions and disciplines are achieved and maintained. The global simulation community has been galvanized to shift simulation learning and assessment to online formats. In many instances entire curricula and practical assessments are being adjusted to online, video and teleconference options in order to ensure that training is completed. Innovations are being shared widely.

An editorial by David Li, a GP training in China is published in this month’s British Medical Journal Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning (BMJSTEL) providing helpful insight into the opportunities and challenges experienced in that country with respect to the role of simulation.

As well, some members of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) are convening an online simulation roundtable in order to bring the community of simulation educators together to discuss solutions for issues that arise over the shift to online simulation, most likely starting with topics related to standardized patients. The link below is a request for your email and potential times of availability (in U.S. time frame) if you would like to take part or receive more information.

Everyone is wearing multiple hats these days as front-line health care practitioners, educators, researchers, family, friends. Stay well and pace yourselves.