Associate Professor W. David Carr gives a rundown of his career leading up to his first steps into education and the benefits he experienced from starting out as an individual AMEE member to his current status as an AMEE Fellow


I am an Associate Professor at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, USA. I have worked in the field of Athletic Training (North America equivalent of a sports physiotherapist) for over 25 years and have spent the past 19 years in an academic role. My interest in medical education stems from my research interests and my role as a faculty member teaching the next generation of clinicians. Curiosity about how to improve my practices has driven my research agenda and I discovered AMEE while searching for suitable venues for presenting my research. My research interests include student communication skill training, emotional intelligence development, leadership and mentoring of future professionals, and sport-related concussion rehabilitation. The first AMEE conference I attended was in 2016 and it opened my eyes to how clinicians from around the world in a variety of professions are addressing the same issue I am dealing with. As I dug deeper into the opportunities presented by the AMEE, I found the Fellowship program. As I contemplated attending my second AMEE conference this past August in Switzerland, I decided that the mentoring opportunities within the Fellowship program would benefit my future growth. In my relatively short involvement with the AMEE, I have found the services and opportunities offered to be very beneficial.

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