Dr Tripti Srivastava discusses how, from a medical background, medical education drew her in and what led her to AMEE and its associated initiatives, and ends with what she loves most about having engaged with the Associate Fellowship programme.


Dr Tripti Srivastava, DMIMS (DU), India Associate Fellow, AMEE

Hailing from a meager background of Medical profession within the family; for me, the dream was big and aspirations were large! It started off with cracking the Medical entrance test and while cruising through the journey of medicine, I discovered my natural drive towards Medical Education.

With a strong backing from my better-half, there was no looking back. I acquired FAIMER fellowship from CMCL, Ludhiana and later Completed MPhil in Health Professions Education in 2013 from DMIMS(DU), Sawangi, Wardha. These academic indulgences further invoked my desire to make some worthy contributions towards Medical Education of my country. This vision was shared by the then Vice Chancellor of our University who’s wisdom, administrative support and mutual trust led to recognition of our Institute as one of the ten Nodal centers for Faculty development Program, a rigorous initiative by MCI. Being convener of this worthwhile endeavor, we have trained 3051 medical teachers across the country till date. As a National consultant for such Faculty Development programs, and member of ‘Monitoring and Implementation committee for Advance courses in ME’, MCI, I got the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other leaders in the field.

Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DU), though located in a small rural place, has a very progressive vision and encompasses Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, Nursing and Physiotherapy specialties. As a part of this Institute since past 15 years, I realized the shifting paradigms of higher education with the 2.O generation of learners. Working within this transformative zone and experimenting new ideas, I became aware of their learning needs, learning styles and emotional intelligence. This also led to generation of our thirty literary copyrights (IPRs). Whilst striving to make such significant contributions, though in a small way; AMEE was still a farfetched dream. We used to discuss about AMEE, MedEdWorld, MedEdPublish during our workshops, considered ‘Medical Teacher’ as gold standard for any issues we were stuck up with and kept ourselves abreast with AMEE developments. Whilst pursuing my PhD, I finally became a member of AMEE. Applying for fellowship was all about paving a way to connect with the learned global community of leaders and members in medical education. The Fellowship committee was extremely cordial and provided me with deeper insights about potential areas for contribution. To my pleasant surprise, I was selected for Associate fellowship! This was the first representation of my country in the list!! My University appreciated and valued this recognition and I was appointed as Director, School of Advanced Studies. My selection as AFAMEE was also recognized by National Association of Physiology and Pharmacology (APPI), India and has selected me for ‘M.L. Gupta Prize in Medical Education and Technology for recognition of substantial contribution to Medical Education and Technology and special reference to Physiology/Pharmacology or Allied Sciences in India’, during its annual National Conference in December 2018.

I cherish my role as an Associate fellow, AMEE and work actively as a member of its Faculty Development Committee. Though serving as a member of editorial boards and peer review boards of many scientific journals, I personally love to review the articles in Mededpublish and have no hesitation in saying that it has taught me more than any book in Medical education.

Dr Tripti Srivastava (Waghmare), FAIMER, AFAMEE, MPhil(HPE), PhD(ME) Professor, Physiology Director, School of Advanced studies, DMIMS(DU), Sawangi (M), India Convener, MCI nodal centre for National Faculty development, JNMC Head, Medical Education, JNMC

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