Dr Süleyman Yıldız gives a short breakdown of his history with AMEE and his feelings about the work done by AMEE.


AMEE’s reputation is expanding within the responsibility of being a unique integration platform of teachers, educators, researchers, deans, students and the other healthcare professions. This meaningful responsibility makes me a proud member of the AMEE.

AMEE is more than an organization for me; a team created by passionate people, a key player moving medical education forward and a unique communication platform for proactive educators from all around the world. Enthusiasm is the key word in my works for AMEE. Like many other enthusiastic people in AMEE, we are not only fellows in healthcare, but also we are global players constantly moving medical education forward in world. We are aiming to be “the best” in our community and working hard for that.

I was executive committee member of AMEE for three years as first student representative of EMSA.
Later on this position, I was appointed as AMEE Ambassador of Turkey when I started my residency in pediatrics. And now, it is indeed a big pleasure for me to be accepted as AFAMEE.

Kevin Murphy once wrote – learning that produces no change is about as useful as a parachute that doesn’t open. I know that very well and this is why I believe it was worth it after all stress and bore I felt with my medical education career. Thank you dear AMEE!

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