Dr Helena Filipe tells of her time spent in medical education as a student and how she was driven by a desire for knowledge, which would lead her to CPD both as a student and later as an expert in the subject, leading her to contribute to the founding of the AMEE CPD Committee.


Ever since I know myself, I live the triad involving the thrill of curiosity, the excitement of discovery and the joy of imparting new learning. Also I have always sought those like-minded to fully live these feelings and accomplishments in a collegial manner. Being a fellow is for me an exciting status, offering fantastic opportunities to collaboratively mature ideas and grow new projects.
My desire to unveil knowledge building has inspired me to take a master in Medical Education run by the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon (2008) when I was already a Consultant of Ophthalmology (2002), with my Medical degree awarded by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (1987) and my residency of Ophthalmology completed at the Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto (2014). This master changed my life by opening a fantastic pathway within the realm of medical education. My thesis “eLearning in Continuing Medical Education: Application in a Learning-Teaching situation in Ophthalmology” led me to honorably collaborate with the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) with the task force for technology for teaching and learning in ophthalmology (2008). Later (2013) I was entrusted the ICO committee of CPD by two wonderful mentors.
I could see CPD in the continuum of medical education but suspected a bigger picture to unlock. My quest led me to those I could learn the best and I gained a fantastic mentor. Serving the ICO has given me the exciting opportunity to work globally with diverse ophthalmology societies and colleges and acknowledge their important role in CPD. My particular interest has been on the underserved communities and the effective application of multifaceted, trustful and useful Internet based educational resources. We are presently mentoring the Congolese Society of Ophthalmology Faculty on their project about cataract surgery simulation based training.
My dream of bringing together the global lusophone community of ophthalmology overcoming space and time, through the collaborative creation of knowledge has been pursued thanks to my mentors’ entrusting me the coordination of this section of the CPD International Program of Webinars of Ophthalmology of the PanAmerican Association of Ophthalmology and the International Council of Ophthalmology since five years now.
I am currently responsible for the CPD area of focus within the ICO Education Coordinating Committee, am a founding member of the AMEE CPD Committee, and serve the ARVO CME Committee, the GAME Education Committee, the Directive Board of the Portuguese College of Ophthalmology and collaborate with the Department of Medical Education of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine of Lisbon. I have been serving the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology as editor in chief of the official website and the monthly newsletter.
I have recently received the honor of being inducted a fellow of the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (2018) and being awarded as Associate Fellow of the Association for Medical Education in Europe I have excitingly joined the AMEE Fellowship Scheme (2018).
With a special interest for Ocular Surface Disease, Ultrasound Imaging and Cataract Surgery, I practice in Lisbon (Portugal, UE) as Consultant of Ophthalmology (physician and surgeon) at the Hospital das Forças Armadas and Hospital dos SAMS and work with the Biomat Research Group at Instituto Superior Técnico on biomaterials and nanotechnology.
I feel grateful to the leadership of the societies, organizations and working groups I have been blessed to collaborate with, for the opportunities provided and the sense of belonging and co-working towards meaningful accomplishment to serve others. I am obliged to my wonderful mentors and hope I can inspire others at least a bit of so much I have been receiving.

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