The AMEE organization builds global connections, advocates for diverse representation, promotes interprofessional interaction, and provides an inclusive environment for everyone engaged in HPE. I have been a proud member of AMEE for over 20 years


AMEE provides one of the best medical education conferences in the world. The quality of presentations, the diversity of important content, and the global perspectives represented urge attendees to challenge their assumptions. However, AMEE is much more than the conference. Through its various platforms (webinars, online and print publications, courses), AMEE pays attention to building collaborations and distinguishes itself as a leading, relevant organization to drive innovation and evidence-based practices in health professions education. Connections I have made through AMEE have resulted in meaningful collaborations with international colleagues. As an AMEE Fellow, I hope to extend those partnerships and transnational efforts. AMEE will continue to expand its scope and impact. It is a privilege to be a part of this organization. I hope to advance AMEE’s mission and vision.

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