I am honoured to be a member of AMEE, which I believe is the pre-eminent world-wide organisation promoting excellence in clinical education amongst the professions.


This fundamental role of AMEE has been highlighted in the current COVID-19 pandemic, where through innovative programs AMEE has continued to support our members throughout this very challenging time. This makes me incredibly proud to be a member of this truly great organisation and to be recognised as an AFAMEE.
I am a Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine and since medical school I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching, at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Although always an enthusiastic teacher, I had never been taught how to teach and through reflection on the teaching that I had received as an undergraduate student, tended to teach accordingly. In recent years it has been my objective to achieve excellence in clinical education in my specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine Through attendance at the annual Conferences, active participation in several excellent ESME Workshops and incredible support and encouragement from AMEE colleagues, AMEE has been paramount in supporting my objective. My aim for the future is to become a better teacher for all of my students, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, throughout every session. Becoming more actively involved in AMEEs many activities, ideally including facilitation of workshops, will greatly assist me in achieving this objective.

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