Irma E. Erana-Students’ struggles with pathology lead me to innovate in education. Thereafter, I started my informal and later formal training in MedEd; as an AFAMEE I hope to continue learning and inspiring others to do the same.


For over 15 years, I have been teaching pathology, a difficult subject for many, which was motivation enough to look for innovative teaching techniques to facilitate learning. Thereafter, my story in medical education began with two educational projects shortlisted at the Reimagine Education Conference and Awards in 2015 and 2017. Afterward, I became a judge of the same event and, last year, I started a fellowship with FAIMER in Health Professions Education: Accreditation and Assessment.

AMEE’s conferences, social media, and online courses have contributed to my formation as a medical educator. AMEE has provided me a community of professionals that share the passion for improving medical education. Being an AMEE Associate Fellow, I hope to transmit that same passion to my students and junior faculty promoting their participation in medical education earlier.

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