Having graduated from Sechenov University in 2002 I have been practising clinical teaching since then. I accepted this responsibility very seriously to make sure that my students are as well prepared as they can be in a new era of rapid changes and transformation.


My history with AMEE started in 2018 when I first attended the ESME course as a faculty member. A year later, I was appointed to the AMEE International Networking Centre's Executive Director in Russia. By then, I have already had a 10-year work experience teaching clinical discipline at the Department of Internal Medicine at Sechenov University.

AMEE in-depth training courses were mind-blowing for me personally and made me re-evaluate my role as a clinical teacher in the way I teach and assess students. Apart from this, I tried a new role for me as the MedEd leader. For example, our office has organised various AMEE training sessions for faculty members across Russia. We took part in the AMEE Virtual Conference 2020, the Russian Medical Education Conference – RosMedObr 2020, presenting and sharing our research results. Professor Trevor Gibbs and Professor David Taylor held a separate session in RosMedObr2020 dedicated to Russia's Faculty Development Program. Our colleagues from Tadzhikistan invited us to participate in the Tadzhik Virtual Conference of Modernization of Medical Education 2020 and showed their interest in the activity of the AMEE office in Russia.

Faculty development in healthcare education requires a methodical and scholarly approach and should be built upon robust knowledge and expertise. I'm determined to continue my Medical Education career to translate the knowledge in educational research, administration and leadership.